Monday, March 28, 2011

Love my kids!

Today is my birthday and we had a fantastic day! Hanging with my kids is the best even though I sometimes get burnt out and threaten to run away!!! But I love them soooo much and wouldn't trade them for the world!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Izzy & Ivy Photoshoot

I custom made several hair accessories for the new Izzy & Ivy Designs dresses. Here are a couple of my favorite photos from the recent photoshoot in Oklahoma!

Thank you to Brittany Stover Photograpy for the pictures!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday afternoon dance party!!!

My kids decided that a dance party was in order!! Don't mind the mess! It has been snowing for three days straight, and we have been house bound.... We literally have been pulling out all the stops to keep them busy!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Canadian Family Magazine

Canadian Family Magazine contacted me last night to say that they used one of my Giddy Up & Grow hair clip/brooch in their May issue!! Very exciting to have the exposure for my shop, and I can't wait to see the issue. I am going to be a total nerd and frame the article!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She's Crazy.....

My daughter is now 15 months and way to heavy to be in a Jolly Jumper, but she misses it soooo much. Every time she sees it in the closest, she freaks out!! She wasn't much of a jumper in it per say, but she would spin herself dizzy, and she loved it! Check it out!!

Favorite Moments!

I was looking through old photos trying to get rid of anything I didn't need stored on my computer, and I found some of my old favorites!
Eagerly waiting for a bite of his sister's birthday cake!!
One of those moments I am glad I got on camera...

My gorgeous son!

I am truly blessed to have such sweet children! I want them to always be kind to others, and to eachother!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Giddy Up & Grow Photoshoot!

I was lucky enough to have to the very talented Laura Winslow photograph some of my hair accessories. The pictures turned out amazing, and I get so many compliments on the way the hair accessories turned out. Here are just a few of the pictures. You can check out Laura Winslow's photography here Laura was very gracious to let me use one of her images for an upcoming magazine ad for Small Magazine. This online magazine has amazing photography and resources for children's gear!

Recent Pictures of my Crazy Kids!!

Life goes by soooo fast... Just keeping up with my two kids is exhausting, but fun! My son recently turned 5, I can't believe it!!! When did he grow up. One minute ago he was just a baby, and now he would rather play Star Wars, build lego and take Karate lessons! He is amazing!!

My 15 month old Noelle! She looks like an old Granny bank robber here!

A quiet moment looking at a book. Her favorite is to look at animals and imitate the sounds.

At the moment, a very rare loving time between brother and sister. These days they fight over everything!!

I couldn't help myself!

Working very hard at his latest creation!

Izzy & Ivy Designs

The owner/founder of Izzy & Ivy Designs contacted me, to see if Giddy Up & Grow would be willing to partner up for some new dress patterns. Izzy & Ivy make patterns for various things such as children's wear, handbags and other crafts. I was asked to custom make some hair accessories to match the fabric of some new spring dresses. Of course I was delighted, and can't wait to see the photographs from the photoshoot. Its great exposure for my shop, as my shop information will be printed on the pattern, which is sold worldwide!!! Here are just a few patterns from Izzy & Ivy!

Izzy & Ivy Designs