Saturday, April 30, 2011

A few new shop items...

I have added a few new items to the shop... One of my new favorites was inspired by the Royal Wedding! All of these items can be found at! Enjoy!!

Easter Spender!

On Easter weekend we were all sick with head colds... So it was very laid back.. But here are a few pictures to share. My dad drove 9 hourse from his home to ours, so he could see the kids and take my oldest to his first adventure at a Dinosaur museum in a nearby town.

Canadian Family Magazine!

This post is a couple of weeks late, but when I received my copy of the Canadian Family Magazine May issue, I was delighted to see a small picture of a baby wearing one of my hair clips. The Style Editor clipped the Daffodil clip to the baby's little tank top, which was genius! It just goes to show you how versatile these little clippies can be. They look super cute in the hair, or clipped to a shirt or cardigan, double duty hair accessories! Here are a few pics I took of the mag. and I must say I am very proud to be in a National Canadian Magazine!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet Madame Tutu

Here is a new addition to the shop! Madame Tutu Felt Flower Sequin Headband! I love how pink and girly this headband is!

"Is she a kid model?"

So the other day I posted some new photos I took of my baby girl on facebook, and I had several people ask if she was a child model. Of course not... I just know how to work magic with some photo programs that bring out the best features and colors! Of course as her mother I believe she could be a child model for sure, but alas I am the photographer! I also get asked how I get her to sit still to take a good shot. And the answer is "I don't". Sometimes it takes me 50 shots to get 5 good ones, but that is the beauty of digital. I can erase and take more shots to find the perfect one! Here are a few of the good ones! She is wearing the new Dainty Headband from Giddy Up & Grow!