Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter has hit, and hits hard!

Just to give you some perspective on where abouts I chose to live (you will think I am nuts)... Today is January 17th, its2:48pm and the temperature is -29 degrees Celsius. That is aprox. -20.2F... A weather advisory has been issued for our region with an importance that severe frostbite may occur within less than 10 minutes of direct exposure. School will likely be cancelled tomorrow as temperatures are to drop to -40 to -50 overnight with windchill. We have to plug our car engines into an electrical outlet, just so that our engines start... Its nuts I know, but there really is a lot of beauty in these regions, and I love our little town. Infact, I wish we had moved from the big city to our little town years ago.

We are about an hour away from Banff National Park. Some of you may have heard of this place, which is nestled within the Rocky Mountains. I love going there... I love going there on girls' weekends, and I love going there with my family. So much to see and do, and I always meet someone new from another country. Skiing is the most popular activity, as there are so many famous ski hills all around. On occasion a girlfriend and I will rent a hotel room for a couple of nights to get some girl time in! Most of the hotel rooms have fireplaces in them, so you can curl up by the fire, glass of wine in hand, and have girl chat for hours!! So fun! The hot springs are always a must, and the shopping is great. I also may be known for coming home with a new tattoo!!

Here is a picture of the glorious Banff Springs Hotel!

Marilyn Monroe also filmed a movie here called The River of no Return!

Now with all this cold, snow and gloom talk... Imagine that all I can obsess about are flowers! I am loving all the bright colors for spring (that is if it ever arrives here). Some favorite colors right now are fuchsia, seasprite green,bright yellow and turquoise!

There have been a few new flowing items added to the shop lately!  I have added some Easter accessories as well, and will have some St. Patrick's Day accessories coming soon. I know, I know... I am jumping holidays!!

All the hair accessories can be found at Giddy Up & Grow!

Hope you are all staying safe & warm where ever you live!


Images provided by Pinterest.com and Giddy Up & Grow