Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going on Vacation

Ok, going on vacation with two kids can be a Wonderland adventure in itself. Especially if those said kids are under the age of 4 and your stuck inside a cramped car for aprox. 10 hours with all the gear (this is another discussion) and a dog... So many things run through my head, like, will they behave, will they sit still, how many times will we have to stop to use the bathroom... Well of course spending that much time in a vehicle will cause some meltdowns, including from myself. If any other mothers out there have any suggestions on keeping kids busy in the car please post those suggestions here!

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  1. My only tip would be bring a portable dvd player with lots of movies. This is a distraction for the older children at least. I tend to buy one new (cheap) movie for any long car trip. The new movie usually will get us at least an hour of quiet before the proverbial question HOW MUCH LONGER, ARE WE THERE YET...