Sunday, October 2, 2011

We gather here for THANKS!

In one week we celebrate our Canadian Thanksgiving. I love this time of year... The weather is usually still nice, crisp but sunny, and its the start of pumpkin season!

I think this pumpkin is beautiful, and would make a lovely Thanksgiving center piece, or on display in a front entrance.

Even though it will just be our little family this year for Thanksgiving, I still imagine all the traditions will still apply.

I love the colors in this photograph! this year I want to get some nice photos of the kids on Thanksgiving. They are growing up so fast!!

I was so preoccupied with getting a Holiday/Christmas collection done, that I totally jumped Holidays and forgot about something sweet for Thanksgiving. I came up with this new hair accessory, which I am in love with. The rich colors are perfect for Thanksgiving pictures!

You can also view the Holiday collection here!


All pictures are courtesy of Pinterest

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