Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Spirit!

I am just itching to put the Christmas tree up, but alas the hubs insists its too early. I say its never too early for Holiday decorations, and the amount of effort it takes to hall everything up from the basement... Oh boy! But they look so darn great!!

Well,I guess I will settle for some festive Holiday baking for now. Like these amazing cookies from Oh,Sugar Events. These are way to cool to eat! I am trying to convince this company to ship these to Canada!!

I also love this idea of truffle hot chocolate. What a neat gift this would make for a hostess, or teacher! Balls of chocolate you just drop into hot milk! How decadent!

Here is a fun Christmasy activity for the kids, or kids at heart! How about playing with Gingerbread play dough!!! Ahhh I bet the smell alone makes you want to eat it, and hey if your like my kids, you probably do eat it!

If you plan on attending several Holiday parties, you might want to check out Rachel Pally! One of my favorite designers. Her clothes are effortless, super comfy and you can wear them over and over for many occasions. Just change up your accessories, and you have a different outfit every time! The caftan dress is my favorite style. This dress got me through two pregnancies, and they look great with gladiator sandals or heels!

The Giddy Up & Grow Holiday collection is almost sold out! It will only be available until December 1st, so don't wait if you plan on getting any holiday accessories for your littles!

The Heart Giddy Valentine's Day Collection is also in the shop now! Check out some of the new items! Lots of hot pink, glitter and sparkle! These make great gifts!!

Its Wednesday (hump day), so have a terrific res of the work week!!


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