Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Specials

Its Sunday, and usually a day for rest, but not for us. Sundays are now full of activity... Swimming lessons, baking, creating etc. But so much fun.

My son has now officialy started his school career, which also means I now have to come up with exciting snack and lunch ideas. My son is not picky, but busy. He would rather be playing than take the time to sit and eat. I worry that he wont get enough "brain" food to give him stamina for the day. I turned to the internet for inspiration, and found that bento boxes make fun and nutritional lunches.

My son's school also has a rule, that for each week there is a specific food my son needs to bring for snack time. This week its apples. Since everyone in our family loves apples, I have decided to work double duty, and make us all an apple treat. Apple crumble is one of my favorite desserts, so baking this today will have us all happy including my son's teacher!! Click the picture for the recipe!!

I find the colors in this next picture really inspiring! Warm colors for the fall.
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