Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things to do on a rainy day!

Well lets just say the weather has been a little dismal around here for the past couple of days. Cold, rainy and gloomy. Not a nice way to end the summer, but since I can't convince mother nature to change her tune, I have been searching for simple crafty things to do inside and keep the kids busy.

I found a couple of neat ideas that I thought I would share!

Have any of you made home made play dough? I remember my mom making it for us as kids. I found this website that offers two different recipes for play dough. The cook-it version and non-cooked version. Brilliant at home fun! Check out the link here at Color Me Simple.

After a fun afternoon of making endless play dough snakes and spaghetti noodles, I was craving something a little comforting but super easy. The Zen Family Habits is one of my favorite sites for super easy and quick noodle recipes.

Lots of kids have been shuffled off to school this week. My son starts next week (Kindergarten), and he is super excited. Its a little bitter sweet for me, but I know it will be so much fun. If you need some new fall fashion hair accessories to match with the new fall clothes, check out some of the new items in the shop at Giddy Up & Grow.

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